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Our Goal is to "Keep The Senate, Regain The House and Re-Elect The President"

Greetings Fellow Republican Supporters:

You are aware of the POWER of SOCIAL MEDIA!

As The Leading Corporate Media Company in the Nation we can accurately measure how much influence your video message will have on its targeted audience.

And also how they re-act to your video message, whether on TV or other social media channels.

Our strength is placing your media campaign through one of the worlds most successful, 

competitive and cost effective media outlets

Now 35 years, Active continues to be the largest corporate trade organization on the Planet. As a multi-billion dollar media company, Active owns most of its media inventory enabling it to offer this media at wholesale pricing. Potentially saving Millions of dollars on your Republican Congressional campaign.

Combining targeted data and thought-out media buying strategies, our integrated media placement division helps to improve your media outcomes and deliver on your goals. We employ a strategic, client-first approach. With the right mix of talent and technology, our multi-billion dollar media buying power ensures maximum return on your media investment.

To find out how much further Active can stretch your campaign budget and create your specific plan, kindly give them a call. They will establish a plan that will accomplish your goals and save you money.

Jacqueline Senatore
Media Administrator 
Phone: (845)-732-8745

Call Steven Alembik (561-866-4004)

Email: (

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