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Patriotic “Support SuperTrump”Retractable Pen

Colors: Red, white and blue

This is a “Support SuperTrump” lucky retractable pen. Users can use it to execute those important deals. It will bring you great results. (WE HOPE). Order comes with a pack of 2 pens. Writes in a standard black ink.

Fashionable, patriotic statement and colorful design with an ergonomic soft touch will bring you a comfortable, good writing experience.

Best choice for coloring, doodling, creating gift cards, making a to do list, or notes in class; appropriate for adults and kids. Show your proud support of our brand and the current President of the United States. SuperTrump offers a variety of political merchandise. Help to create jobs and show your support for us by investing in our products! With the purchase of any item you will start to receive our regular updates and announcements about our events, comments and new opportunities.