Who Are We And What Does SuperTrump Stand For?

Our Company is MrSuperTrump.com ™ and we are strong supporters of President Donald Trump. We are oppossed to the disunity created mostly by the biased daily media. By enriching some of them through SuperTrump's CryptoMANIA Investment Club they may switch and will join us and become part of our movement. FAKE News about the Crypto Industry won't stop SuperTrump and our President from making some positive gains, especially in our Investors pool with the many that Join with us now and help us make a real difference in the world for GOOD.

What can I do to help your cause?

Besides acquiring some of our exclusive products, join as a follower and also Apply to SuperTrump's CryptoMANIA Investment Club to learn how to enrich (Wealth) your life.Like us on Facebook and see us on YouTube (SuperTrump) all over social media. Make a comment and start a positive communication. We are a positive force for good to spread earning great wealth and we want to reach as many Trump Supporters as we can to help make a positive difference in support of Donald Trump. Join Now

What should I Say when I don't know very much about SuperTrump or CryptoCurrency?

Should anyone ask you what SuperTrump or CryptoCurrency is about just tell them to visit us at MrSuperTrump.com and find out. That's it. Once you know you can say whatever you like. We hope it's good. If you are an Investment Club member tell them how well you will be doing! Please look through our referral programs once you have applied for Club Membership to earn FREE gifts from SuperTrump by getting members to join. All applicants can participate in our coming referral programs. Our members will receive information by email. SEE CLUB RULES

Who Is Our Audience?

We are reaching out to all Trump supporters nationwide that are looking to DO something and get involved in their desire to help our President in fulfilling his promises to the American people. Take action NOW and support SuperTrump. Join our movement and help keep others informed of TRUTH. Plus, let SuperTrump help make you some wealth with his CryptoMANIA Investment Club.

How do You Know This Isn't More Fake News?

The Creator Of SuperTrump forsaw Donald Trump leading this country in 2006. Read about how this idea came about with an animated series and the accuracy of SuperTrump's predictions. View some documents and stories to know this is THE REAL DEAL! SuperTrump forseess great changes in the world's financial markets with CryptoCurrency companies improving the worlds handling of funds. SuperTrump knows BITCOIN and majority of real Alternative Crytpo Solution ventures will dominate the economic movement of monies into the world of DIGITAL CURRENCY. Those that see this will JUMP aboard to start getting their fair share. Join Now

What Can I Do To Help Support SuperTrump's Efforts?

To help support our cause, we invite you to invest in some of our amazing political products exclusively for sale on our website. You can find those here. In addition, we would appreciate it if you could join as a follower here. But wait, there's more! You can apply to SuperTrump's Cryptomania Investment Club here to learn how to enrich your life through the increasing of wealth. Please like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter. We encourage your engagement by making a comment and starting a positive conversation. We are a positive force for good and we want to reach as many Trump supporters to help grow our numbers in support of all the actions he is, and has plans to accomplish for the greater good of our country.

Where Does The Money Come From?

To support our efforts SuperTrump raises funds from the following:
1- Online Product Sales (60%)
2- Special Events (25%)
Such As: Rallies and Golf Fundraising Promotions
3- Sponsors and Advertisers (10%)
4- Contributions (5%) (Non Tax Deductible)
5- Licensing & Other Product Merchandising (Future)

Where Does The Money Go?

Projected Income & Expense (2017)
Expense -$ 50,000 (SuperTrump WearHouse)
-$ 10,000 (Support To President Trump)
-$ 10,000 (Vivienne)
-$ 10,000 (SuperTrump Movement)
-$ 10,000 (Operations)
-$ 5,000 (Executive Director)
-$ 5,000 (Admin)

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Where Can I Learn More About SuperTrump's CryptoMANIA Investment Club?
Read the Rules and visit SuperTrump Recommends to enrich your knowledge and earnings opportunities with CryptoCurrency Investing. The Club does it ALL FOR YOU.

We welcome Your comments and suggestions: Comments@MrSuperTrump.com